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Historical Background

Founded in 1995, the BMCE Bank Foundation was assigned, in compliance with the vision of its founder, Mr. Othman Benjelloun, two missions: promotion of education for disadvantaged children in rural areas and the preservation of the environment.

In response to the Royal Appeal for mobilization in favor of education, and aware of the crucial role education plays in Morocco’s development and assuming its share of social responsibility as an active player in the private sector and society, the BMCE Bank engaged through its Foundation to promote an innovative educational concept. Such concept integrates education with sustainable development and the improvement of education quality. The BMCE Bank Foundation thus launched its program to build and equip schools in rural areas. This initiative’s ultimate goal is to improve the standard of living of underprivileged populations.

During the closing session of the Mediterranean Forum for Development held in Marrakech in September 1998, Mr. Othman Benjelloun, President and CEO of BMCE Bank Group, reiterated the BMCE Bank Foundation’s commitment to sustained action for Education and the Environment.

“Prevailing social responsibilities in Morocco are in fact those of all citizens and enterprises with a sense of citizenship. We, at BMCE Bank, have chosen to bring a tangible contribution specifically in the field of illiteracy reduction in rural areas (…).

We are convinced that our initiative will stimulate other such initiatives within the business community and members of society at large.”

The launching of the program illustrates perfectly such commitment.

The generic name of the Foundation’s program generic:

“” refers to the prestigious historical roots of Medersas and to the Mediterranean as the birthplace of knowledge and civilization. It also evokes the rural school’s (ER in French) vocation, the connection to satellites and to the world of IT, hence the “.com”, and lastly the benefit shared by the village community of teachers, parents and children.