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Vision and Values

To develop an innovative educational concept, integrating education with sustainable development, as appropriate in the rural context, while enhancing the conditions for an emerging “school for life skills” conveying the values of tolerance, modernity, openness, solidarity and progress.


  • To develop an innovative educational concept aimed at converting the recommendations of the National Charter for Education and Training into reality;
  • To implement the “” program by adopting an integrated global approach, focusing on education and sustainable human development;
  • To connect the private and public sectors’ skills and resources, along with society’s in general, and to create synergy among all concerned parties in order to build genuine partnerships resulting in a dynamic, participative and cooperative approach;
  • To become involved in rural communities through, an influential tool towards human and economic development, with a view towards improving the living conditions of community members.

Operational principles:

  • Participative approach
  • Partnership building approach
  • Decentralized approach
  • Gender sensitive approach