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School Construction

Architecture Adapted to its Environment

Since the outset, the architectural concept has been the starting point of the Program and a primary concern of the decision makers in order to facilitate the integration of within its environment.

Broadly defined by the architects charged with the design and construction of the school facilities, the concept was improved by suggestions made by the local communities in terms of know-how, particularly in terms of the use of local materials.

The architectural concept is based on the following principles:

  • Prioritize the use of locally available human and material resources;
  • Train masons and other community members in improved building techniques using local materials;
  • Sensitize the community to value traditional architectural and cultural heritage, and to respect regional specificities and conservation of the environment;
  • Ensure the implementation of community integrated development projects, in coordination with all contributors involved.

Typical Structure

A typical school consists of:

  • One playground
  • Three classrooms of 74 m2 each
  • One multi-use room used for pre-school or various educational, computer training or recreational activities
  • One office, 15 m2, for the Director
  • Separate restrooms (girls/boys) 15 m2
  • Two studio apartments – 30 m2 each – for (male/female) teacher accommodation
  • Drinking water and electricity supply
  • One fenced wall
  • 1 courtyard

In opting for a modern, functional architecture, well adapted to the environment, we hope the students will feel comfortable at school and will be able to work in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. is also aims to be a location for social and community gatherings opening its doors in terms of use of the premises and equipment by teachers, students and the community at large.