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Community Development Program

Within the framework of its integrated human development-educational program, the BMCE BANK Foundation advocates a participative, partnership building and decentralized approach through its vast program. While committed to reinforcing the educational and pedagogical dimensions, particular attention is also given to social development in order to achieve the following objectives:

  • Greater access to educational services for disadvantaged populations, notably young girls;
  • Increase employment and revenue opportunities for populations of the concerned douars (rural areas);
  • Promotion of the rural population’s participation in decision making, specifically of marginalized groups;
  • Promotion of a rational and efficient local management of the environment and natural resources;
  • Promotion of basic health care;
  • Encourage and support community self-organization, namely cooperatives and local associations.

Expected outcomes

The main results expected from the program are:

  • Promotion of the concept of education integrated with development;
  • A rural population that is able to take full responsibility as citizens by participating effectively at various levels of decision making regarding issues that impact them;
  • Men and women who are able to find solutions to problems and practical needs they face in order to improve their community’s living conditions;
  • Ensure sustainability of local development by preserving not only the physical and natural environment but also the socio-cultural environment.