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Educational and Pedagogical Vision

By establishing the Program, the Foundation has focused its efforts on the search for quality pre-school and primary education. It has outlined as objectives for the Program the development of an innovative educational and pedagogical project that will enable schools to provide students with the knowledge, social skills and preparation needed for a successful school career and to promote genuine equality of opportunities.

In this context, where pupils must develop a wide range of personal skills, priority will be given to educational approaches that focus on understanding and not strictly on rote learning. The Program is composed of two essential dimensions:

  • The scholastic dimension: focuses on classical subject matters (languages, science and technology, the social world, the arts,…). The Ministry of National Education’s official curricula are utilized and adapted according to the needs and the specific educational programs of the network of schools.
  • The socio-educational dimension: concerns giving proper attention to cognitive development, which emphasizes skills acquisition, values teamwork, reduces memorization, adopts active learning techniques and develops multiple intelligences. aims to be a school of the future, a means to advance into the future. It contains the following distinctive items:

  • Its staff, through their commitment and awareness of the school’s mission, a mission not limited to a strictly academic perspective, but also contains a developmental perspective.
  • It offers pupils a diversity of activities allowing them to understand the world, themselves and their relationship with the material world (concrete and technical aspects), the world of ideas (scientific and artistic aspects), of people (physical and psychological aspects) and of data (routine and systematic aspects).
  • It focuses on developmental objectives rather than only accumulating information.

In the final analysis, the Foundation’s global approach, implemented through its program aims to:

  • Prepare pupils to act as participative citizens, responsible and open to their community and to the world;
  • Work towards an environment in which values of tolerance, openness, modernity, ecology, pacifism and democracy are practiced.